Performance art video

We trust in change

What is PAV?

A platform to explore performance art on video founded on the principles of solidarity and inclusion.

We trust in change.


PAV operates as a cultural community:

to host, foster and disseminate performance art videos that raise awareness and respond to contemporary emergencies;

to generate sustainable revenues for the featured artists through users’ subscriptions, donations and video visualisation on demand.


PAV aims to consolidate a space for community building by performance making, strengthening dialogues between the artists and their supporters to target the crucial urgencies of our contemporaneity.

PAV is managed by a fluid team of artists, curators and professionals operating in the field of technology and innovation.

The video selection is curated by PAV and:

Venice international Performance Art Week


How to support PAV

Artists first

Every time you watch a video on demand, PAV enables you to support directly the artist