Performance art video

We trust in change

PAV is a platform to explore performance art on video founded on the principles of solidarity and inclusion. We trust in change.

PAV operates as a cultural community:

  • to host, foster and disseminate performance art videos that raise awareness and respond to contemporary emergencies;
  • to generate sustainable revenues for the featured artists through users’ subscriptions, donations and video visualisation on demand.

PAV aims to consolidate a space for community building by performance making, strengthening dialogues between the artists and their supporters to target the crucial urgencies of our contemporaneity. 

PAV is managed by a fluid team of artists, curators and professionals operating in the field of technology and innovation.

PAV team reviews every video to be displayed on the platform to avoid discriminatory and offensive content regarding race, religion, age, disability, cultural background, ancestry, citizenship status, gender and sexual orientation. 
PAV promotes performance art on video based on work quality and artistic research quality.
PAV is committed to offering artists the visibility they deserve, providing them equal opportunity while meeting audiences’ and supporters’ expectations.
PAV operates as a trailblazer of equality, diversity, and inclusion, to connect poetic, radical voices that contribute to keeping performance art alive.

PAV will be launched in July 23, with the brand new short film “Alien Planet 2.2” by Guillermo Gómez Peña and La Pocha Nostra. Every visualisation of the selected videos to launch PAV will be for free until October 1, 2023, thanks to the generous contribution of the featured artists Francesca Fini, Franko B, Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra, Kyrahm and Julia Pietrangeli, La Pacha Queer, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro,  Petra Kuppers, Stelarc, VestAndPage and the Anam Cara collective, Wen Yau.

From the 1st of October 2023, PAV will start operating with the formula on demand to directly support the artists and the video platform maintenance.
Every visualisation income will be distributed with the following strategy: 
60% of the income goes directly to the artist
40% of the income contributes to maintain the PAV platform costs

However much, however regularly you will be able to contribute, donating to PAV supports directly the featured artists and the platform implementation. 
if you want to make a difference, please make a donation. 

PAV is managed by a fluid team of artists, curators and professionals operating in the field of technology and innovation.

The video selection is curated by PAV and:

Venice international Performance Art Week


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