Aleksander Zain


Aleksander Zain is a dancer, as well as performance and video artist. From dance pieces to durational performances and video installations, the underlying theme of his work is the idea that the human body is more vital than we have been taught. Especially when it comes to endurance and trial, the transformation of physical strength, survival potential, as well as mental state/health, constitutes the confluence of the human body power research. Exploring body politics, Zain keeps the stand that the only original, true and non-shareable ownership that we have is of our bodies. Conversely, the Serbian artist demonstrates that whereas society negatively influences individuals regarding the perception of their body, this negativity can be overcome by acknowledging each body’s life potential, taking on the responsibility to freely exercise one’s own choices on how to use such potential. Zain also collaborates with activists and organizations for queer and trans/TIGV rights in the Western Balkans.

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