Fenia Kotsopoulou


Fenia is a Greek award-winning, cross-disciplinary artist, currently based in UK, creatively experimenting and exploring the intersection of dance, performance(art), video, photography and alternative image making, documentation and archiving. Her process-driven, hybrid, rhizomatic practice draws upon the notion of the body in performance through queer and feminist lenses, mainly interrogating modes of (self)representation, de/construction of identity, and politics of the gaze. Other topics of her works regard personal and collective memory, ephemerality and memory, hairiness as tool of resistance, gender violence, and more. In the past few years, as (dance) performance artist, producer and visual practitioner, her works and the work of close-collaborators have been shown at a wide array of festivals and art platforms, encompassing the fields of dance, experimental performance, video-art, live-art.

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