Kirsten Heshusius


From her experience with theatre companies devising ensemble public performances, a practice known as ‘visual site-specific theatre’ rooted in the happenings of the sixties and seventies, Kirsten Heshusius has performed in public spaces as a solo practitioner for over a decade. She describes her work as a visual poetry evoking universal ideas about the world and life. Her site-specific performances are often based on autobiographical events but are connected with the political side of society. Seeking the transformation of the materials in relation to her body, Heshusius creates impacting yet minimal visual metaphors. Because the body functions as a mirror, she elicits, through these transformations, the memory of emotions. Despite these identifiable elements, a subconscious layer exists within the process, an imaginary, metaphysical or poetic given. A large part of any new work is, therefore, intuitive.

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