Sabrina Bellenzier and Giorgi Rodionov


Sabrina Bellenzier is an Italian performance artist and curator living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. Within their practice, they investigate the relationship between the body and power structures, researching counter-narratives, glitches and cracks, with an approach that considers the intersections of memory and space grounded in decolonial and queer perspectives. Since 2021 they have relocated to Georgia, where they became a core member of the curatorial team of Untitled Tbilisi, an artist-run space uniting the voices of artists and activists from the Caucasus region to support women, queer and other marginalised groups’ rights through art projects in the region and internationally.   Giorgi Rodionov is an artist and a curator. Growing up in a post-Soviet country, his interest in social structures and identities grew greatly. Most of Giorgi’s works are based on his research findings, which are later transformed into curatorial work, installation, performance, participator art, book or other mediums. In early 2019, Giorgi established the art space Untitled Tbilisi, which aims to unite artists from the South Caucasus to use art as one of the main tools for promoting human rights and social justice in the region. He is also a member of the “90x collective” that unites four artists from Georgia in rethinking the changes Georgia went and still is going through after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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