Sara Kostić


Sara Kostić is a performer, architect and designer. In her work, she incorporates her fields of interest, referring to the physical and social context that the role of the psychological and physical body takes. Exploring how particular spaces and architectures can change performance art and vice versa, she declines various techniques in her artistic practice. Unfolding over multiple days, many of her performances are durational. All the hidden things inevitably have physical consequences that usually invalidate the social defence of perfection and beauty. For Kostić, performance is a fixed, moving image of a body struggling. We cannot claim our bodies as our own because we are possessed by our bodies as much as we own them. We are all dealing with the anxiety of the ‘learned’, resisting and battling with paths and systems chosen for or by us, not always consciously or deliberately. Thus, performance challenges the binding relationship between inside and outside, between possessing a body and being possessed by it—the choice itself is the final instance.

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