Innocult Project, 2022

INNOCULT is a Blended Residency Program implemented by three European institutions: Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation (FZC/Etopia Center of Art and Technology-Spain), MEET Digital Culture Center (Italy), and INOVA + (Portugal). Co-funded by the European Commission under the Programme “Platform(s) for Cultural Content Innovation”.

During the residency, PAV tested and explored innovative languages, methodologies and technologies, undertaking disruptive projects and adapting them to digitalization and other innovation impulses.

PAV aimed to promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative artistic works to raise awareness about contemporary emergencies while focusing on ways to enhance digital innovation and audience development on an international scale.


Innocult Project, 2022

Meet Digital Culture Center
Milan (IT), April 2022

As a part of the final showcase of INNOCULT, PAV presented two works by Vest and Page: AMOR AND PSUCHE (in Times of Plagues) and 1 9 Monologue (Letters from Isolation).

In both works, the Italo-German artist duo took at the biological body’s possibilities and limits, with breath as the element crossing its inner-outside border. Taking the notion of the artist’s self-portrait a step further, they shared performatively their “inner portraits”.

AMOR AND PSYCHE (In times of Plagues), 2021

Immersive Video Performance Poem Installation

In this work, VestAndPage approach breath’s chemical, physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects. The moving images build on original MRT cervical spine and CT thorax scans of the artists, layered onto a performing skin. It is an exercise in comprehending the importance of one’s breath, the gravity of which extorts itself when faced with its imminent loss.

Monologue (Letters from Isolation), 2021-ongoing

Live Performance Cycle

The personal experience of being a body home to pathogens flows into this autobiographical performance and text while building a bridge between precise self-observation and a global, historical and literary outside.