Born in 1946 in Limassol, Cyprus, Stelarc is an Australian-based performance artist, who has visually probed, acoustically amplified and suspended his body with hooks into his skin. He pioneered the frontiers of the human body, using his own as a medium and exhibition space– a body that "sometimes seems to include the possibility of terminality" (William Gibson). Artist, icon, a phenomenon, and honoured internationally as a distinguished scholar and researcher, Stelarc continues to open up new scenarios in the understanding of the human body related to our time. He has performed with a Third Hand, an Extended Arm and with 6-legged walking robots. He is surgically constructing and stem cell growing an ear on his arm. Working in the interface between the body and the machine, employing virtual reality, robotics, medical instruments, prosthetics, the Internet and biotechnology, Stelarc is among the most celebrated artists in the world working in the field of technology applied to visual arts.  

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